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Pushing Black Girls Forward is a service leadership organization that pairs high school aged
teens with professional women who serve as mentors.

All mentees and mentors meet together quarterly 

Complete service​ projects

Enrich communities  

"The success of every woman should be inspiration to another. We should raise each other up"  - Serena Williams

Our Mission

The mission of Pushing Black Girls Forward is to leverage the power of mentorship by strategically creating relationships to cultivate positive change in young women and in our communities. This organization is dedicated to the advancement of Black women and girls as we uplift and serve our most vulnerable citizens.


A Message From

The Founder

Melonie Davis MA, NCC, LCMHC-A

Pushing Black Girls Forward is a place to celebrate Black women and girls unabashedly, unapologetically, and publicly. I provide a space where Black women are gleams of intelligence, innovation, compassion, wisdom, leadership, and beauty. Where we are understood and do not have to justify ourselves. PBGF provides the counter space that is so very necessary in a society that is dense with both explicit and subliminal messages that silence Black women’s voices trivialize our narratives and diminish our presence. This organization is  a vessel that uplifts black women and shapes the positive narrative and contributes to a rich history of Black women doing great things to advance society, and do so in the ranks of like minded women who understand the importance of this mission.  

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